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Pro­mote gut health with Bospro™ for cat­tle and dairy, and Fer­ma­c­to™ for poul­try and swine from Pet-Ag, a leader in the sci­ence of ani­mal nutri­tion and health. Proven to help estab­lish a ben­e­fi­cial micro­bial bal­ance, Bospro and Fer­ma­c­to pro­mote ear­ly intesti­nal matu­ri­ty, increase nutri­tion­al effi­cien­cy and pro­mote healthy growth. Safe, effec­tive and made in the USA.

For Cattle & Dairy

Product Details

Bospro Powder 22lb Lft

For Poultry & Swine

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Fermacto Powder 22lb Rt

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