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Fermacto Powder 22lb Frnt

For Poultry & Swine

This Nat­ur­al Pre­bi­ot­ic Does it All

Helps to pro­mote gut health for antibi­ot­ic-free feed­ing strategies

For poul­try and swine, Fer­ma­c­to™ feed addi­tive sup­ports health­i­er, faster grow­ing ani­mals, result­ing in more prof­its for you. It com­plies with GRAS stan­dards, and unlike oth­er feed addi­tives, Fer­ma­c­to con­tains no live cells, enzymes or antibi­otics. Derived from the myceli­um of Aspergillus sp, Fer­ma­c­to works by help­ing to build a healthy, sus­tain­able GI tract microflo­ra gen­er­at­ed by the ani­mal itself.

The Fermacto Advantage

Pro­motes Weight Gain, Egg Pro­duc­tion and Feed Efficiency

  • Increas­es gas­troin­testi­nal tran­sit time
  • Bet­ter absorp­tion and nutri­ent utilization 
  • Con­tin­ued growth rate even under challenge
  • Use in diet through­out grow­ing period

Improve Gut Health to Expe­ri­ence the Poten­tial Ben­e­fits of:

  • Boost­ed immune-potential
  • Increased flock uniformity
  • Alle­vi­ates ascites in broilers
  • Pro­mot­ed egg production

High­ly Sta­ble in Pel­let­ed, Extrud­ed and Cooked Feeds

  • Stores up to 3 years
  • Uni­form com­po­si­tion min­i­mizes qual­i­ty fluc­tu­a­tions and feed instability
  • Com­pat­i­ble with feed ingredients

More Prof­itable Feed Operations

  • Rec­om­mend­ed inclu­sion rate 0.1% to 0.2% of the total ration
  • May be intro­duced into the ration at any time
  • The per­fect part­ner for low-pro­tein diets

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Dried, extract­ed Aspergillus meal fer­men­ta­tion solubles


Bulk den­si­ty: 42 to 43 lb/​ft 3.99% of par­ti­cles <16-mesh and 93% >20-mesh

Guar­an­teed Analysis

Crude Pro­tein, min
Crude Fat, min1.0%
Crude Fiber, max
Ash, max


Avail­able in 10kg (22lb) and 25kg (50lb) bags. Con­tact PetAg for bulk orders.

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Pet-Ag, Inc.

255 Keyes Avenue
Hampshire, IL 60140

Phone: 816-460-6302

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